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Injection Molding

Rapid Prototyping Service Plastic Injection Mold Manufacturer Model 3d Printing

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we operate an plastic injection factory and a die-casting factory, capable of injection molding production and zinc alloy/aluminum alloy die-casting production, as well as the corresponding mold design and manufacturing. Our premium service team communicates with customers to grasp their needs in a timely and efficient manner and accurately conveys them to our technical section; our superior engineer team uses their professional knowledge to provide customers with the best solutions tailored to their needs in terms of cost, product quality, and production stability, etc. At the same time, we have excellent resource integration capabilities to provide customers with one-stop service. The 4 assembly lines in the assembly workshop assemble parts into final products and package them for shipment, saving customers the trouble of contacting multiple suppliers. Please feel free to contact us if you have any purchase or design needs for individual parts or complete products. We will always be there for you 7x24.

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This case is very typical from us, very successful in both design and production. From the customer's initial idea, to the design that meets his idea, and confirmation and communication of T0 and T1 samples, every step brings us closer to success, finally reaches to the stable quality and competitive products. It was not an easy process, but it certainly served our customers well and made them successful in business.

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We have received a sample machine from the customer, but it is obviously can't be produced and not stable enough, and part of the design makes the cost of mass production very high. We have redesigned the machine to meet the demands of production and greatly reduce the cost.

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Our client need us to design the next generation of product to solve the issues of previous products. After listening to the customer's opinion, we made a new design, it reaches client's demand and have success on market.





Phone: +8618998453346

Tel: +8618998453346

Email: [email protected]

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